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The Hastings Project is a Community Interest Company which brews beer to raise money for local charitable and community projects. We are currently raising money for the refugee buddy project, little gate farm, Hastings voluntary action, Roots of return and wras. but the plan is to go much further.

At The Hastings Project, we're passionate about brewing excellent beer, and in turn maximising the donations to support the most vulnerable people in our community.  In order for us to have real impact, we need to:


- Find a venue in which to brew, that can also serve as a community hub.

- Raise enough funds to create tangible change, and encourage local social activism.

- Offer meaningful employment, with training and apprenticeships, to local people.

So, how do we do this? 


We want to raise awareness of the project, which the local pubs of Hastings have been amazing with in stocking our kegs and cans, (THANK YOU!). We've been welcomed into the local scene and we're hugely grateful to all who've stocked, sipped and swigged our pale ale.  Our mission is to become a familiar name on the bar, and for Hastingers to know that when they drink a pint of The Hastings Project beer, they're putting money straight back into their town. Once we've achieved this, it'll be time to build the brewery. 

In terms of impacting those who we can employ, we want to equip people with the skills they need to either have for a fruitful career at THP or elsewhere. We would like to be a stepping stone for those who want comprehensive training in the brewing industry. To achieve this we're looking to work with the apprenticeship scheme run through the IBD and HIT Hospitality.

So... why not order a pint of beer that directly helps people in your local community? 




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